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 Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001) 10 View note
Musical and perfect for dreamers. Worth to be seem once every few months.
 Before Sunrise (1995) 9 View note
Beautiful! I like one of the scenes the most in which they are both listening to music. I have watched this part tens of times.
 Before Sunset (2004) 9 View note
Please remember to see Before Sunrise before this movie (they are not independent). A movie that is difficult to distinguish with a piece of poem.
 Dancer in the Dark (2000) 9 View note
I was affected by this movie for some days after watching it. So bitter and really touching. I am probably not going to watch it again ever, as it was too strong.
 Dirty Pretty Things (2002) 9 View note
Bitter, touching and gloomy. I really liked it.
 En sång för Martin (2001) 9 View note
Nice and touching; a combination of music and love.
 Fa yeung nin wa (2000) 9 View note
A movie that I was always in a dilemma about whether I like it or not. I can say that at the end I really liked it. Before watching the movie, be prepared that the pace is relatively slow; so do not expect an action movie with a fast pace! Enjoy the screening, the music and the beauties shown in this movie (like beauty of abstinence)
 Knafayim Shvurot (2002) 9 View note
Bitter, touching and still full of hope. I was really impressed by this movie. For me, it reminded again that life is full of these moments with huge sadness and moments with tiny happiness's!
 L'ultimo bacio (2001) 9 View note
Based on the concept of family and loyalty. I really enjoyed it. It also has an American version, but I preferred to watch this one, the more original version! (it is recommended for people in love!)
 La stanza del figlio (2001) 9 View note
I recommend this movie to people who has faced loss of a close person. For me it was an exact illustration of myself.
 La vita è bella (1997) 9 View note
A combination of life, love, laughter and sorrow! I absolutely loved it.
 Le huitième jour (1996) 9 View note
It was touching. I recommend it especially when you are stuck in a pile of work and life seems to be tough and bitter!
 Les choristes (2004) 9 View note
Touching and peaceful.
 Les poupées russes (2005) 9 View note
One of the best movies I have watched recently: I recommend watching "Spanish Apartment" before watching this, as they are not independent. About relationships and looking for a perfect match.
 Little Manhattan (2005) 9 View note
Although it was an American movie, I loved it! Very nice and touching, talking about love, especially in children. It also, somehow, claims that nothing is like the first love (I think sentence has had more commercial usages than reality!)
 No Man's Land (2001) 9 View note
Shows how stupid are human beings and how stupid are wars, relatively. I absolutely enjoyed this touching masterpiece.
 Nun va Goldoon (1996) 9 View note
Beautiful with amazing music (mixed with "Azaan" in some parts)
 Paris, je t'aime (2006) 9 View note
A group of short movies, all about love, from various perspectives. This is one of the movies I should occasionally watch and watch again and again.
 Promises (2001) 9 View note
Absolutely recommended if you are interested in peace, especially in middle east!
 Sweet Land (2005) 9 View note
Peaceful and soft, with a touch of love and humanity. I believe that this is a "must see"!
 The Sound of Music (1965) 9 View note
Needless to say, this is a beautiful movie. It affected me a lot when I was a child.
 Tian xia wu shuang (2002) 9 View note
Bear in mind that this is a comedy. With that in mind, more humors can be revealed and you have more potentials to enjoy it! I found this movie really funny and also very significant. The dialogues were touching and I did not want to miss one of them (I wish I knew Mandarin!). The performances and the music were two factors that made the movie even more beautiful. If you are looking for a touching and engaging movie, I think this is a good choice.
 Wo de fu qin mu qin (1999) 9 View note
It was lovely! You can see a touching love relationship while the movie is rated as G (general audience)! I enjoy works by Zhang Yimou, and this one was not an exception.
 Xiao cai feng (2002) 9 View note
Absolutely genuine, with a touch of love, a touch of humanity and a touch of life. I found nothing extreme in this movie. The pains had limits, the happinesses had limits and the expressions of love had limits also. It's important to see this movie in the context of Chinese culture, i.e. do not expect to see a normal westernized movie. I would suggest you to look for signs of life that are current in all parts of the story. It was a long time I had not seen such a genuine work of art.
 Zhou Yu de huo che (2002) 9 View note
To me it was more like a piece of poem. I would suggest you not to look for any solution in this movie and enjoy the poetic description. I have to confess that Gong Li did her job perfectly.
 Zivot je cudo (2004) 9 View note
It's not easy to talk about war and all it's pains while keeping an eye on life. This was one of the best movies I have ever seen: you can see everything together, in a happy and live and musical setting. The cast were perfect. I believe that in Emir Kusturica's movies, even the donkeys and dogs know how to perform (like this movie).
 "Friends" (1994) 8 View note
I watched it all the way, without missing an episode! They had worked a lot on it.
 À la folie... pas du tout (2002) 8 View note
An exciting movie which you probably don't get bored during watching. I would suggest reading about Erotomania before watching it.
 Äideistä parhain (2005) 8 View note
Nice, especially when you are interested in adoption (as I am and enjoyed the movie!).
 11'09''01 - September 11 (2002) 8 View note
For me, it was interesting.
 2 Days in Paris (2007) 8 View note
Really funny! Based on this movie and Before Sunrise/Sunset, I can say that I believe in works by July Delpy.
 4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile (2007) 8 View note
Very bitter and sad, but you will never forget it. I believe that every adult should see this movie at least once.
 A Night to Remember (1958) 8 View note
Exciting and prepared nice (it's important to consider the year it has been made)
 Annie Hall (1977) 8 View note
A famous movie that is better to be seen at least once (in general, I like works of Woody Allen).
 Antonia (1995) 8 View note
Impressed me a lot and I kept thinking about it after I finished it. A very good piece of art about concepts of life and death, yet presented in a normal and tangible comedy atmosphere.
 Bacheha-Ye aseman (1997) 8 View note
Nice but sad. In general, I don't like Majid Majidi's too pessimistic view in many of his movies (like this one).
 Badkonake sefid (1995) 8 View note
Nice, but still depicted in a too gloomy atmosphere.
 Bashu, gharibeye koochak (1989) 8 View note
Very touching and beautiful. In this movie human relations are shown at its best. Also recommended for families interested in adoption!
 Bikur Ha-Tizmoret (2007) 8 View note
It was like a moment was perfectly illustrated by the artist.
 Bolt (2008) 8 View note
I liked it: It was really funny, it was exciting, it was not bothering and the most important one that the story had significant messages.
 Booy-E Pirahan-E Yusef (1995) 8 View note
Nice and touching. I also liked the music a lot.
 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006) 8 View note
This is a mockumentary and I suggest you to take it easy while watching it. It's also a good idea to read about this movie (and mockumentary in general) before watching.
 Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids (2004) 8 View note
A sad documentary presented beautifully.
 Bowling for Columbine (2002) 8 View note
Impressing and prepared beautifully, although I'm not sure how much Michael Moore's is impartial.
 Café Transit (2005) 8 View note
Nice and touching with impressing performances. I also like it when food plays an important role in a movie!
 China Cry: A True Story (1990) 8 View note
Touching and impressing. I really liked it.
 Chung Hing sam lam (1994) 8 View note
During the movie, I kept wondering whether I like this movie or not. After watching the movie, I was involved with it for days. I needed more time to understand it. Also, I would suggest you to talk to someone or read some reviews about this movie if you watch it. That will help understand the movie better. I can say that I really love the movies by Wong Kar Wai.
 Dare mo shiranai (2004) 8 View note
Very touching and really nice. It will be more touching if you know that it all these have happened and are shown with minor modifications.
 Das Leben der Anderen (2006) 8 View note
Straightforward and attracting. I like this kind of movies, which are about humanity.
 Depuis qu'Otar est parti... (2003) 8 View note
Touching and well made.
 Der Tunnel (2001) 8 View note
I was seriously involved with the story. I believe that this movie is capable of successfully bringing excitement and emotions simultaneously.
 Earth (2007) 8 View note
I truly admire this much effort they had put to make such a fantastic collection. If you are fond of nature, do not hesitate to watch this collection.
 Elling (2001) 8 View note
Straightforward and attracting. Don't watch it if you like movies that are stereotypes of American movies!
 Ensemble, c'est tout (2007) 8 View note
I saw this on my plane to Iran. A very nice and peaceful movie.
 Ertefae Past (2002) 8 View note
I found it touching with reasonable messages. It was also engaging for me and kept me following the story curiously.
 Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 8 Add note
 Fasl-e panjom (1997) 8 View note
Touching and romantic!
 Finding Neverland (2004) 8 Add note
 Gabbeh (1996) 8 View note
Nice movie with beautiful music (Sima Bina is the singer?). Before watching, reading briefly about "Gabbeh" is strongly recommended.
 Ghost (1990) 8 View note
Touching with a beautiful music.
 Good Bye Lenin! (2003) 8 View note
Beautiful and recommended if you have been in contact with or you are interested in right/left world issues.
 Ha-Kochavim Shel Shlomi (2003) 8 Add note
 Harrison's Flowers (2000) 8 View note
Showing the ugly sides of war in a beautiful way. Quite impressing (I had the chance to watched it in Farhang cinema in Tehran, the new saloon with high quality sound system and I was really impressed).
 Huozhe (1994) 8 View note
This movie stayed in my mind for a very long time. It's good to know about China's contemporary history and it's cultural revolution before watching this movie. The performances are astounding and the music is also amazing!
 Il y a longtemps que je t'aime (2008) 8 View note
I found it touching and engaging. The story is straightforward and appealing to the viewer.
 Italianetz (2005) 8 View note
Nice and touching, recommended for people interested in adoption!
 Jean de Florette (1986) 8 Add note
 Joyeux Noël (2005) 8 View note
The subject was so touching and beautiful. The movie was also good, although the pace was too slow sometimes and could have been done in less than two hours.
 Khane-ye doust kodjast? (1987) 8 Add note
 Kinamand (2005) 8 View note
Touching with a soft demonstration of love.
 Krótki film o zabijaniu (1988) 8 View note
This movie talked about killing in an astonishing way (note: it is violent).
 Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) 8 Add note
 Kung Fu Panda (2008) 8 View note
Funny and attracting with beautiful animation.
 L'auberge espagnole (2002) 8 View note
Cheerful and happy, yet as a prerequisite to watch Russian Dolls.
 Le battement d'ailes du papillon (2000) 8 View note
I think it was a happy movie with fast pace. Try not to loose the track!
 Le peuple migrateur (2001) 8 View note
A documentary which seems that has needed an intensive amount of work to be made.
 Le scaphandre et le papillon (2007) 8 View note
Nice, touching and amusing. By the way, remember that this has been a true story.
 Leila (1996) 8 View note
Touching with perfect performances by very good Iranian actors and actresses.
 Mahiha ashegh mishavand (2005) 8 Add note
 Manhattan (1979) 8 Add note
 Match Point (2005) 8 Add note
 Meduzot (2007) 8 View note
I can't say I understood this movie well, but I'm sure I liked it. I think that this is a must-see.
 Michou d'Auber (2007) 8 View note
A touching movie about adoption (my favorite concept!). Very peaceful.
 Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) 8 Add note
 My Blueberry Nights (2007) 8 View note
Norah Jones (the actress) describes Wong Kar Wai's movies (or this movie, I'm not sure) as "eye candy". I believe that this is a very good description of this movie and more movies of the director. This is a smooth and nice movie and you can enjoy every moment during the show. For me it was one of the movies that remained in my mind.
 My Fair Lady (1964) 8 View note
Peaceful and nice, good to see that how much touching and nice these old movies are!
 Once (2006) 8 Add note
 Papillon (1973) 8 Add note
 Pari (1995) 8 View note
A touching story which I watched several times. I would suggest reading Franny and Zui (by Salinger) AFTER watching this movie (if you read it before watching, maybe the movie is not satisfying anymore).
 Piao liang ma ma (2000) 8 View note
It has both sadness and hope. Beautifully shows how the woman struggles for her son and Gong Li performs her role it its best. I really enjoyed this movie.
 Pride & Prejudice (2005) 8 View note
Beautiful scenes, beautiful music, beautiful dances and a peaceful story.
 Qiu Ju da guan si (1992) 8 View note
I really laughed while watching this movie! (I hadn't find a Chinese movie this much funny) Gong Li's performance also appeared astonishing.
 Rain Man (1988) 8 Add note
 Ratatouille (2007) 8 Add note
 Roozi ke zan shodam (2000) 8 View note
Nice movie! Recommended especially when you have some feminism beliefs!
 Rosetta (1999) 8 Add note
 Safety Last! (1923) 8 View note
Harold Lloyd was perfect in this masterpiece.
 Santoori (2007) 8 View note
I really liked this movie and it remained in my mind for a long time. Beautiful musics and very good performances were two impressing factors about this movie.
 Se, jie (2007) 8 View note
It was a very long movie, nevertheless, I was curiously following it. The setting was perfect and involves who watches this movie. I could not get it out of my mind for days.
 Seven Years in Tibet (1997) 8 Add note
 Sukkar banat (2007) 8 View note
Nice and touching.
 Ta'm e guilass (1997) 8 View note
I didn't like this movie at first sight, but it is one of those movies which are remembered many times later. Watch this movie as you are touching a movie about "life".
 Take the Money and Run (1969) 8 View note
I liked it and laughed a lot when watching it. But this is not necessarily the case for everybody, as it seems that Woody Allen is appreciated by some specific tastes!
 Ten (2002) 8 Add note
 The Birds (1963) 8 View note
Must see! (if you consider the time this movie was made, it will be even more amazing)
 The Butterfly Effect (2004) 8 View note
I watched this because I am interested in the actual butterfly effect concept (+ chaos and the other related areas). I think it was an attractive movie.
 The Front (1976) 8 Add note
 The Green Mile (1999) 8 View note
Touching and nice (although it's an American movie!). I remembered the book "Of Mice and Men" as it resembled that story a lot.
 The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) 8 View note
I had read the relevant novel and I liked it very much. Although for me it was not as enjoying as the novel, I still enjoyed it a lot.
 The Pianist (2002) 8 Add note
 The Shining (1980) 8 Add note
 The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn (1999) (TV) 8 View note
An easy going movie which I really enjoyed watching it. If you are tired of busy life, this is a good choice to watch to have peace of mind for a while.
 The Syrian Bride (2004) 8 View note
Very nice and touching. I also suggest that if you want to watch it, read briefly about Golan Heights before watching the movie.
 The Visitor (2007/I) 8 View note
I really enjoyed it. It was somehow like the movie "The Eighth Day". Showing the character of the university professor who wants to pretend that he is busy, was a kind of relief for me (considering my present situation as a student and a tough advisor!).
 Trois couleurs: Bleu (1993) 8 Add note
 Trois couleurs: Rouge (1994) 8 Add note
 Trzy kolory: Bialy (1994) 8 Add note
 Un air de famille (1996) 8 View note
Cheerful and happy, yet so significant and touching. I also loved two of the other movies by the same director.
 Un long dimanche de fiançailles (2004) 8 Add note
 Un secret (2007) 8 View note
Easy going and yet very profound. One of the rare movies that during the show I wished that it does not finish.
 Underground (1995) 8 Add note
 Une femme de ménage (2002) 8 Add note
 Va, vis et deviens (2005) 8 View note
One of the best movies I had seen recently: touching and impressing. The pace was slow some times and many more parts and dialogues could have been summarized. By the way, it is recommended to adoptees, adoptive and prospective adoptive parents.
 Volver (2006/I) 8 View note
Before watching this movie, keep in mind that it has a comedy theme. I really liked it. It has a genuineness that European movies have! The cast were awesome, by the way!
 Yi ge dou bu neng shao (1999) 8 Add note
 Zir-e poost-e shahr (2001) 8 View note
Amusing and believable. The performances were also very good.
 Zire darakhatan zeyton (1994) 8 View note
It was touching and peaceful.
 2046 (2004) 7 View note
Somehow confusing for me, although the commentaries in the special features helped me find out more about it. Prior to watching, please be advised that there are many characters involved (I was lost between characters). Any way, for me, it was not as clear as I expected; like "In the mood for love".
 A Walk in the Clouds (1995) 7 Add note
 Absurdistan (2008) 7 View note
If you want to watch an easy and straightforward movie, this is a good choice. I watched it when I was in Santa Fe, overwhelmed with high volume of input. It really helped me relax.
 Ajans-E Shisheh-I (1997) 7 Add note
 Atonement (2007) 7 Add note
 Auf der anderen Seite (2007) 7 View note
I can't say I liked it at the first sight, but I also couldn't stop thinking about it. In one sentence, it's similar to Cannes festival movies. The musics were beautiful, the pace was fast and the story was straightforward.
 Az Karkheh ta Rhein (1993) 7 Add note
 Ba wang bie ji (1993) 7 View note
For me it was a bit boring because it took a bit long. But it was significant and thought provoking. As usual, Gong Li is perfect in her role.
 Bad ma ra khahad bord (1999) 7 Add note
 Bananas (1971) 7 Add note
 Baran (2001) 7 View note
I think it was too much exaggerated.
 Be name pedar (2006) 7 View note
It was good and somehow (but not much) impressing.
 Beed-e majnoon (2005) 7 View note
I believe that the subject and the way it was presented was too ordinary.
 Bicycleran (1987) 7 Add note
 Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom (2003) 7 Add note
 Boutique (2003) 7 Add note
 Brat (1997) 7 View note
Suggested by a Russian friend, this movie shows a part of Russia after collapse of Soviet Union. I was shocked to know that it has been like this! Although I am not interested in action/violent movies, I was completely attracted to this movie.
 Changeling (2008) 7 View note
In it's genre, it was good.
 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) 7 Add note
 Chicago (2002) 7 Add note
 Chocolat (2000) 7 Add note
 Da hong deng long gao gao gua (1991) 7 View note
One of the most famous movies of Zhang Yimou. It was deep and touching, but needs a lot of patience also. As always, Gong Li is astounding!
 Derakhte Golabi (1998) 7 Add note
 Dialogue avec mon jardinier (2007) 7 Add note
 Dieu est grand, je suis toute petite (2001) 7 Add note
 Dillo con parole mie (2003) 7 View note
Just a movie in a cheerful atmosphere, but not necessarily significant.
 Duska (2007) 7 View note
The movie was too slow at some parts and the topic was too old (there are many other movies with similar topics).
 Ejareh-Nesheenha (1986) 7 View note
Funny and worth seeing a couple of times.
 El Cid (1961) 7 View note
Something that should be seen, not necessarily because of joy, but because of the movie.
 Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) 7 Add note
 Fast, Cheap & Out of Control (1997) 7 View note
Interesting, but not attracting!
 Forrest Gump (1994) 7 Add note
 Frida (2002) 7 View note
I would suggest reading about Frida a little bit before watching this movie. This way, you will have better chance of enjoying the movie.
 Gaav (1969) 7 View note
Very famous in Iranian cinema although I never appreciated it as it normally was.
 Garden State (2004) 7 Add note
 Hamoun (1990) 7 View note
Not a peaceful movie, of course. Also, it was not straightforward and not necessarily easy to understand.
 Honarpisheh (1993) 7 Add note
 Hong yan (2005) 7 View note
It was good, although not much interesting.
 Hors de prix (2006) 7 View note
It was amusing, but I believe that it was also very ordinary. In general, I didn't like it.
 J'veux pas que tu t'en ailles (2007) 7 Add note
 Ju Dou (1990) 7 Add note
 Juno (2007) 7 Add note
 Kirschblüten - Hanami (2008) 7 View note
For me the trailer was better than the movie itself. The music was good and the scenes were attractive, yet the movie suffered from lack of something! I do not know what was wrong with this movie, but I found it immature and I believe that it needed to be processed more to become acceptable. In some parts the story was too simplified and cliché such that it lost impact.
 Krótki film o milosci (1988) 7 Add note
 L'enfant (2005) 7 Add note
 La promesse (1996) 7 View note
For me it was like the other movies by Dardenne brothers: bitter, sad and hopeless! Any way, it's good to see it once, but it was not the type of movie that I love (as I believe that life is not an all bitter continuum!)
 Lakposhtha parvaz mikonand (2004) 7 View note
Bitter and gloomy, although in some parts funny.
 Les chansons d'amour (2007) 7 View note
Very good music and appealing, but I still didn't like it. In general, when the movie has gay-lesbian relationships, it's off the shlef for me. The performances were good and it had the genuine atmosphere that European movies have.
 Little Miss Sunshine (2006) 7 View note
Happy, Easy and Nice.
 Lola rennt (1998) 7 Add note
 Lost in Translation (2003) 7 View note
Not much interesting for me.
 Love Actually (2003) 7 View note
It is supposed to be Comedy, but I think it was not sufficiently comedy! It didn't develop a comedy atmosphere properly and hence some parts of the story were not believable (some parts seemed cheesy!). It was too long and could have been better if presented in a shorter time. But any way, tries to talk about love from different points of view.
 Love Comes Softly (2003) (TV) 7 View note
It was peaceful but a bit cheesy. It could have been more believable.
 Lumière et compagnie (1995) 7 View note
Good for people who love cinema (loving movies does not necessarily mean loving cinema!).
 Mamma Mia! (2008) 7 View note
I think whoever watches this movies shouldn't expect something especial happen. By the way, maybe familiarity with ABBA music can be helpful for enjoying this movie.
 Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia (2006) 7 View note
It was good. That's it!
 Manon des sources (1986) 7 Add note
 Marmoulak (2004) 7 View note
The story seemed to be an imitation of another movie (I could never find that movie, but I have seen it). Any way, it was good. To be understood well, it is better that the person who watches, be generally familiar with Iran's politics.
 Mehman-e maman (2004) 7 View note
It was funny but yet making me anxious in some parts (maybe because it shown some terrible habbits of Iranians).
 Meng ying tong nian (2004) 7 Add note
 Mosaferan (1992) 7 View note
Very nice and touching.
 Nafas-e amigh (2003) 7 View note
I can say I liked it. It was not the kind of movie I enjoy during watching, but at the end, when I looked at it as a whole, it seemed to be a good one.
 Naissance des pieuvres (2007) 7 View note
I don't like movies about Gay and Lesbian. That's it!
 Nuovo cinema Paradiso (1988) 7 Add note
 O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) 7 Add note
 Offside (2006/I) 7 View note
It was interesting and true, but not very amuzing for me.
 Or (2004) 7 View note
It was not a nice movie, but deep and touching. It's bitter and might be annoying; so, I would suggest watching it if you have proper mood (I didn't watch it in a proper time!).
 Persepolis (2007) 7 View note
It was somehow too personal to be interesting for others. On the other hand, for people who have experienced Iran after revolution and Iran-Iraq war, this is a good source for remembering the good and bad (mostly bad!) memories. I had read the comic books before watching the movie and I liked both of them. I believe that the author keeps an impartial view during the story.
 Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) (TV) 7 View note
It was good to know about these stories, although the movie was not much appealing.
 Please Vote for Me (2007) 7 View note
Easy and fun to see. I was wondering how they made it that in a documentary, nobody cares about the camera and everything looks this much real.
 Qian li zou dan qi (2005) 7 Add note
 Rang-e khoda (1999) 7 View note
Although it was supposed to be touching and nice, I found it too sadistic.
 Rooban-e ghermez (1999) 7 View note
It was fair. If you enjoy most of Hatamikia's movies, you will probably enjoy this one, too.
 Rusari Abi (1995) 7 View note
Nice and touching.
 Ruz-e vagh'e (1995) 7 View note
 Sagkoshi (2001) 7 View note
Although very long, but it was still very amusing.
 Salaam Cinema (1995) 7 View note
I think the most concentration was on cinema. So, it can be more interesting for people who are interested in cinema (being interested in movies is not sufficient!).
 Sanxia haoren (2006) 7 View note
The pace was slow and hence this movie needs a lot of patience to follow. It was nice, but maybe the slow pace prevented it from being a good work, for me.
 Sara (1993) 7 View note
I liked it.
 Scent of a Woman (1992) 7 Add note
 Secrets & Lies (1996) 7 View note
It is nice but needs a little bit of patience to follow it. It's all about secrets and lies in the life, something that many many people have experienced and probably have suffered from.
 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) 7 Add note
 Seven Up! (1964) (TV) 7 Add note
 Shabhaye roshan (2003) 7 View note
Nice! I didn't like it when I watched it but I found more in it later when I gave thoughts about it.
 Shayad Vaghti Deegar (1988) 7 View note
 Shi mian mai fu (2004) 7 View note
I am not normally interested in Action and Adventure but this movie was astonishing! It also had a touching romantic theme which made the beauty much more.
 Shrek (2001) 7 View note
I'm not in favor of animation generally.
 Slumdog Millionaire (2008) 7 View note
Too much materials in one movie, with a Hollywood theme, which makes it a bad movie for me.
 Sof Ha'Olam Smola (2004) 7 Add note
 Sokout (1998) 7 View note
It was nice, but a bit long and sometimes boring for me.
 Somersault (2004) 7 View note
I liked it, but I still need some help to understand it.
 Spanglish (2004) 7 View note
I felt that it was too sham and unrealistic. The topic was not novel and there have already been many movies like this. By the way, as a personal opinion, those affairs had nothing to do with Princeton University admission.
 Sweet November (2001) 7 View note
The topic was too old and predictable, for me!
 Tôkyô sonata (2008) 7 View note
I became involved with it. Although it is bitter and painful, it still has an inherent Asian tranquility!
 Takhté siah (2000) 7 Add note
 The Bodyguard (1992) 7 View note
It has beautiful songs by Whitney Houston. The story was good, too.
 The Break-Up (2006) 7 Add note
 The Brooke Ellison Story (2004) (TV) 7 View note
I like these movies which are based on true stories (it makes it more inspiring and stimulating for me!). The movie is very straightforward and did not become boring for me even for a minute.
 The Da Vinci Code (2006) 7 Add note
 The English Patient (1996) 7 Add note
 The Godfather (1972) 7 Add note
 The Hottest State (2006) 7 View note
It was difficult for me to understand this movie (it was scattered more than my ability to understand!). I watched it because of the two previous movies of the director, Ethan Hawke (which were Before Sunrise/Sunset) but it was in another scope and didn't satisfy me (for July Delpy it was different as I liked her other works, like Two days in Paris).
 The Mix (2000) 7 View note
Funny and exciting, yet peacefully!
 The Namesake (2006) 7 View note
I had read the novel which was amazing. I think the movie didn't meet my expectations.
 The Notebook (2004) 7 View note
When it comes to chance, I become suspicious. A part of this movie (or better saying, a significant part) is based on chance and that's what I don't like about it. Any way, I have not seen a girl who didn't like this movie.
 The Squid and the Whale (2005) 7 View note
I liked it because it illustrated the atmosphere beautifully. It was also nice to see different views at the same time. It also had some obvious goofs which are unforgivable!
 The Truman Show (1998) 7 Add note
 Titanic (1997) 7 View note
A bit cheesy, but still fun!
 Two Women (1999) 7 Add note
 Under solen (1998) 7 View note
Beautiful scenes (villages in Sweden) with a nice story. It was a bit slow.
 Une femme est une femme (1961) 7 View note
Honestly speaking, I didn't understand this movie!
 Uzak (2002) 7 View note
The pace was very slow and it is not a good choice if you are looking for a normal pace normal story movie. The characters and their relations were depicted beautifully.
 Vénus beauté (institut) (1999) 7 Add note
 W. (2008/I) 7 View note
Artistically, it wasn't an attracting movie for me (or maybe it was not supposed to be). In the sense of politics, it was attracting and curiosity stimulating. Read a little about George W. Bush and his administration before watching this movie, that helps a lot to enjoy the movie more.
 We're No Angels (1989) 7 View note
It was amusing and nice. I liked it!
 Yao a yao yao dao waipo qiao (1995) 7 View note
For me it was like many movies of Zhang Yimou: I didn't extremely enjoy it, but I liked it and I will remember it. The performances were very good (needless to say, Gong Li was brilliant, as always!), and the movie made me watch all the way. I personally believe that Zhang Yimou's movies are must sees, any way.
 Yin shi nan nu (1994) 7 Add note
 A Fei zheng chuan (1990) 6 View note
It was too complicated (or over complicated) for me to understand. I was expecting something like in the mood for love, but it was not that much easy and straightforward.
 A Good Year (2006) 6 View note
The scenes were nice and I expected this movie to be a good one, but it didn't turn out to be. It seemed to cheesy too me and too cliché.
 Alila (2003) 6 View note
I could not understand the purpose of this movie well. Any way, the rhythm was too slow.
 American Beauty (1999) 6 Add note
 Arousi-ye Khouban (1989) 6 View note
Too much hysteric, in my opinion!
 Atash bas (2006) 6 View note
Good for fun, but not significant, I believe.
 Banoo-Ye Ordibehesht (1998) 6 View note
I didn't find this movie attracting.
 Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) 6 View note
I don't understand these old movies. Almost nothing makes sense to me, performances, stories and even scene lightings appeared too unrealistic for me. It seems that the cinema has changed a lot!
 Coma (2004) 6 Add note
 Comme une image (2004) 6 View note
Too much talk, all in French, generally an unpleasant experience!
 Coyote Ugly (2000) 6 View note
Good for fun, but in my opinion, absolutely insignificant. I used this movie to learn a lot of English words when I was around 24 years old.
 Digeh che khabar? (1992) 6 View note
Good for teenagers (I remember it had a significant impact on me!)
 Duo luo tian shi (1995) 6 View note
Honestly, I think that I didn't understand this movie sufficiently. It was not straightforward and too complicated for me, maybe!
 Eteraz (2000) 6 View note
I normally don't like Kimiaii's works, so I'm not a good judge about them.
 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) 6 Add note
 Ghaedeye bazi (2007) 6 Add note
 Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999) 6 Add note
 Guys and Dolls (1955/I) 6 Add note
 House of Sand and Fog (2003) 6 View note
To me, it seemed to be a bit purposeless.
 Kadosh (1999) 6 Add note
 Le prix à payer (2007) 6 Add note
 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) 6 View note
Maybe I was not a proper target for this movie and it is more for children. Any way, I found it trivial with a story which was too ordinary (there are already many movies with the same subject). It was colorful and amusing in many parts, but as a whole, sounded more like a waste of time for me (at the end of the movie I asked "So What?!").
 Melinda and Melinda (2004) 6 View note
I am disappointed by recent movies of Woody Allen. I believe that they all have the same theme and the same story (although the appearance might slightly change).
 Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) 6 View note
Good story, but presented in a cliche approach. In general, it was good.
 Nargess (1992) 6 View note
I found the topic too ordinary.
 Nassereddin Shah, Actor-e Cinema (1992) 6 Add note
 Not Without My Daughter (1991) 6 View note
I don't know what has been the reality behind all this hassle, but some parts sounded unfair and biased to me (at least as an Iranian!). It was amusing and challenging, any way.
 Notting Hill (1999) 6 Add note
 Off the Map (2003) 6 View note
The pace was very slow. It was also a little vague for me (it seems that reading some reviews are inevitable)
 Otac na sluzbenom putu (1985) 6 View note
It was different from the other movies by Emir Kustarica. It didn't have the same happy and full of life atmosphere that his other movies have (or I believe so). The pace was somehow slow and in some points I was really disappointed. And eventually, I didn;'t understand the point of the whole movie!
 Pane e tulipani (2000) 6 Add note
 Pas sur la bouche (2003) 6 Add note
 Romance (1999) 6 View note
Too brash! I believe it was disgustingly rated with too much nudity.
 Rosemary's Baby (1968) 6 Add note
 Shaam-e-akhar (2002) 6 View note
Somehow like other Jeyrani's movies. The good point about this movie is that I have performed in it!
 Shiqi sui de dan che (2001) 6 View note
I don't like movies which the whole story is based on stupidity!
 Soltan ghalbha (1968) 6 View note
Good for it's time, although it might not make sense today!
 Soorati (2002) 6 View note
Somehow funny but not attracting for me (at least).
 Starukhi (2003) 6 Add note
 Straight to One (1994) 6 Add note
 Talaye sorkh (2003) 6 Add note
 The Nanny Diaries (2007) 6 View note
The story was too ordinary and easy to guess. This is not bad by itself, but when the film maker wants to demonstrate it as something glorious, then that's the problem!
 The Prestige (2006) 6 Add note
 The Skulls (2000) 6 Add note
 Tobeh Nosuh (1983) 6 Add note
 Vakonesh panjom (2003) 6 View note
Too much exaggeration made this movie unrealistic.
 Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) 6 Add note
 Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006) 6 View note
The topic was interesting (at least for me) and I expected to enjoy this movie a lot, but I didn't. I think something was wrong here....
 Wong gok ka moon (1988) 6 View note
Now it is clear for me that I prefer more recent movies of Wong Kar Wai. This movie contained too much violence and it was not that sort of eye candy that I expected from Wong Kar Wai.
 Yihe yuan (2006) 6 Add note
 Zangha (1985) 6 Add note
 (500) Days of Summer (2009) 5 View note
For me it was just another American movie and just another proof that I will not like American movies (unless for very exceptional cases). The story and the flow were too old and I found no contribution in this movie. By the way, at the end, I was not sure what was the point of this movie. Only some out of date dialogues and a hopeless effort to convince the viewer that the movie was important?!
 Accepted (2006) 5 View note
Happy and cheerful, but not significant. If we consider the audience as teenagers, then the evaluation is changed.
 Bitter Moon (1992) 5 Add note
 Eros (2004) 5 View note
The episode by Wong Kar Wai was reasonable for me; I understood it and enjoyed it. I found the two other episodes clearly terrible.
 Flicka (2006) 5 View note
Soft and full of beautiful scenes, but I couldn't find the message meant by filmmaker!
 Jackass Number Two (2006) 5 View note
Disgusting for me. Watch this movie if and only if you are interested in these stuff (for example if you are interested in practical jokes, this is a good choice!).
 Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) 5 View note
Too unrealistic! Even Sci-Fi movies should have some sort of real origins to be believable. This movie appeared too cheesy for me.
 Lila dit ça (2004) 5 View note
To me it was too primitive and overly brash. I do not believe that these are the ways that life and love are.
 Love Story (1970) 5 Add note
 Nights in Rodanthe (2008) 5 View note
Too cheesy and unrealistic. I honestly don't like movies which make some artificially made loves into something sacred.
 Pretty Woman (1990) 5 Add note
 Scream of the Ants (2006) 5 View note
To me it sounded too cheesy overwhelmed with too much slogan-like dialogues. Also, the actor and the actress did not perform well, I believe.
 Shaam-e aroosi (2006) 5 View note
I believe that it was not even a good means of killing time!
 Sleepless in Seattle (1993) 5 View note
I think it was too "cheesy". I really don't like this much exaggeration.
 The Devil's Advocate (1997) 5 Add note
 The Terminator (1984) 5 View note
Honestly, I don't like these kind of movies and should really avoid them!
 A Lot Like Love (2005) 4 Add note
 Bicentennial Man (1999) 4 View note
Too long and with little to offer (I don't like Robot-based Sci-Fi)
 Norbit (2007) 3 View note
I heard that this movie is more for children than adults; in that case we can take it easier for judging this movie. Any way, I hated it!
 The Matrix (1999) 3 View note
I hate it when I hear this much lies all in a row. These sci-fi movies which pretend to be important while have no significance in my opinion, are terrible!

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?

Mahatma Gandhi