Parviz Daneshvar

This is a branch of Daneshvar Family website and created for Reminiscence.


Parviz Daneshvar was first son of Mohammad Daneshvar,

Born: 20 March 1935 In Kashan, Iran

Spent his Youth and Oldness in Kermanshah City (the western province of Iran) and was Carpet Seller for about 50 years.

Parviz Daneshvar had Literary Diploma and was Interested of Iranian Poems from olden poets like Hafez, Mowlavi, Ferdowsi, Saadi, Nezami, etc. and also Interested of Iranian music.

Everybody in Daneshvar family call him "Dadash" (means brother).


He had Parkinson disease for about 16 years and passed away on 9th of September 2004 in Tehran, Iran when he had 69 years age.

His Wife: Fatemeh, and his 4 Sons: Arya, Arvin, Safa and Ramtin.

See some old photos of him, Here

God bless him...

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