My name is Elham. I work as a postdoc fellow at IBM T.J. Watson Research center at Yorktown Heights, NY.

My research interest is application of Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Machine Learning techniques to automatically rank, summarize and label text data using the properties of network structure besides the content of the text itself. Examples of my previous projects include:
-- Ranking comments in news aggregators such as Reddit/Digg by learning user preference model
-- Summarizing conversations in YouTube by clustering and in-cluster ranking algorithm
-- Predicting labels (called hashtags) for tweets based on network properties and content of tweets

I was graduated from Department of Computer Science at Texas A&M University . I worked with Prof. James Caverlee during my PhD study at Infolab.

I enjoy to get together with my family and friends, do exercise such as Zumba, jog and swim, read funny blogs and inspirational, self improvement books and poems, write journals, watch movies and learn new things such as speaking a new language. I also enjoy programming, specially when I do it in python.