Bahram Daneshvar


Bahram Daneshvar

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Bahram Daneshvar was the last son of Mohammad Daneshvar,

died at 3 Feb. 2005, His son: Mark, and his daughter: Parvin


Bahram died at 2:30 PM on Feb. 3rd in Fredericksburg Texas while he was in a 400 miles bicycle trip with a group. A car went of the road and  instantly killed Bahram and severely injured his friend. Bahram was Chief Engineer with Zeiss Corporation  in Minneapolis, MN working in motion control, computer aided manufacturing and measuring machines. He developed systems for Ford Motor Corporation, Boeing, General Motors, and numerous other international companies in the US and Germany.

Bahram was adventurous and he was a fun loving person who want enjoy this world to its fullest. He had two children, a son, Mark and a daughter, Parvin.

We miss him very much.

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