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History of Daneshvar family:

A man named Mohammad who left kashan to Kermanshah at a commercial migration with his wife (Shayesteh javid), and he did some businesses and finally went to carpet commerce. He had 4 sons (Parviz, Kasra, Kioumars and Bahram) and 2 daughters (Simin and Shahnaz). They were born in Kashan and Kermanshah cities. See some historical photos of the family.

Daneshvar family have been extending in these 70 years and some bodies migrated to other countries.



Worldwide dispersal of Daneshvar family members ( 2014 )

Daneshvar Family Dispersal




Daneshvar Tree ( 2014 )


Daneshvar Family Tree




Summary about Daneshvars:


Mohammad: Passed away on 13 Sep. 1978, he was in carpet business.

ParvizBorn on 20 Mar. 1935 , Passed away on 9 Sep. 2004, he was in carpet business, his 4 sons are : Arya, Arvin, Safa and Ramtin ( Mohammad ).

Simin: 25 Mar. ????, lives in Paris, she is music and singing instructor and holds music classes in Paris. She has a son (Sassan Hoseinpour) and a daughter (Parisa Hoseinpour), Sassan lives in Canada and Parisa lives in Liverpool, UK.

Shahnaz: Mar. 1946, Psychologist, has 2 sons (Martin Digard, musician, born in 1978 and Thomas Digard, cartoon animator, born in 1980)

Kasra: Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Kioumars: 8 Feb. 1950, Passed way on 12 Sep. 1998, He was a Civil engineer and has done many civil projects in Kermanshah, Iran. His 2 sons are Roozbeh and Kaveh.

Bahram: 11 Feb. 1958, Passed away on 4 Feb. 2005. His children are Mark and Parvin.

Arya: 8 June 1966, Married, Civil engineer, works in a company in Tehran and has two daughters named Narges and Zahra.

Arvin: 8 June  1971, Married, lives and works in Isfahan. His wife is Leila Alaei

Roozbeh:  5 Nov. 1978, PhD student in Texas A&M University, his wife is Elham Khabiri and they live in Texas.

Mark: May 8, 1979, living in Minneapolis, MN.

Parvin: June 5, 1980 living in Florida.

Safa: 24 June 1980, Single, Student of mining engineering in Azad university.

Kaveh: 4 Dec. 1980, Single, PhD student in University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Ramtin: 9 Oct. 1982, Single, living in Tehran.

Narges: 11 Oct. 1997, Aria's daughter, Studies in Roshangar school.

Josephine: Mark's daughter

Zahra: Arya's second daughter, born in 28 August 2007

Yahya: Arvin's Son, born in 21 march 2008

Helma: Arvin's daughter, birthday: February 3, 2014

Haamoon: Roozbeh's Son, birthday: April 4, 2014






Sassan Hosseinpour: Simin's son, Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Mozhgan Hmidi: Sassan's wife, Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Ardeshir Hosseinpour: Sassan's first son, Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Darioush Hosseinpour: Sassan's second son, Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Shahin Mohammadzadeh: Kioumars's wife, Living in Tehran, Iran.

Molud Hosseini (Fatemeh Hosseini): Parviz's wife, Living Tehran, Iran.

Leila Alaei: Arvin's wife, Living in Kermanshah, Iran.

Elham Khabiri: Roozbeh's wife, Living in Texas.

Dr. Jean Gharib: Simin's husband.

Parisa Hosseinpour: Simin's daughter, Living in UK

Yasamin: Parisa's daughter, Living in UK.

Jean Pear Digard: Shanaz's Husband, Living in Paris, France.

Martin Digard: Shanaz's frist son, Living in Paris, France.

Thomas Digard: Shanaz's Second son, Living in Kiev, Ukraine.